Surgical In-Sourcing

While our services are customized around your unique protocols and procedures, here are our complete Hysteroscopy, Laparoscopy and Arthroscopy program services:

  • Clean, decontaminate and inspect surgical instrumentation and equipment after surgery.
  • Replace instruments that need repair, manage instrumentation and surgical trays so the contents are always complete.
  • Rebuild and wrap surgical trays for sterilization per the hospital’s protocol
  • Wrap, inventory and manage back-up instrumentation and equipment
  • Inspect case carts for the correct instruments and equipment before they go into surgery
  • Check on surgical suites before, during and after surgery to ensure the case is progressing as expected
  • If additional instrumentation or equipment are needed during surgery, technicians can be reached via pager to bring the necessary instruments to the surgical suite

All equipment is cared for by trained, expert and on-site Surgitech technicians:

  • Sterilizing equipment
  • Pre-op – making certain the correct equipment is on hand for each procedure
  • Remaining on call in the OR during surgery
  • Post-op – breaking down the equipment, inspecting it, sending equipment out for repair when required, sterilizing equipment and packaging it for the next procedure